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YSTE-ESR2020 ESR analyzer

Model: YSTE-ESR2020
  • ModelYSTE-ESR2020
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    Product Description

    YSESR-2020 is an automatic instrument controlled by microprocessors. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is analyzed by the advanced infrared monitoring and it is possible to conduct the measurement of dozens of  samples continuously and simultaneously. Every sample's sedimentary position could be tracked respectively together with a record of the whole analysis process. Advanced optical detector  and automatic temperature compensate could reduce the reading error of manual method as well as the errors caused by exterior factors effectively, such as timing error, oblique positioning and unstable or inappropriate room temperature .

    Testing Principle
    Infrared ray cannot be monitored if it is blocked by large amounts of red blood cells. When the cells gradually precipitate, infrared ray which goes through the blood-sedimentation tube can be detected by the receiver. The optical signals are converted into the electrical ones and the ESR values are calculated afterwards.

    Product Features

    1. Easy operation: Simply put the ESR tubes into the positions, no extra data input

    2. Correlation: Automatic conversion into Westergren results (mm/h)

    3. Results correction: Automatic temperature compensation and correction, time correction

    4. Specimen safety: Closed measuring system prevents the contamination from the environment

    5. Fast and efficient: Eliminates specimen making, timing and other manual procedures;

    6. Flexible detection: Random determination of specimens at any time

    7. Specimen monitoring: Automatic alarming  to avoid the wrong results

    8. Consumables: Disposable ESR tubes, high cleanliness to guarantee the accuracy of the testing results


    Technical Parameter

    Analysis Time

    30 min

    Analysis Capacity

    20 tests/30min

    Reading Channel


    Load Capacity

    Max of 20 samples/batch

    Load Form

    Measure at any time

    Analysis Result

    Westergren results (mm/h)

    Measurement Methods

    Infrared detection, automatic temperature compensation and time correction

    Reading Resolution

    0.2 mm

    Result Resolution

    1 mm

    Range of Liquid Level

    50 mm - 64 mm


    LCD display


    Touch screen


    RS232 serial interface


    Complies with ISO15189 standard

    Coefficient of variation

    less than 15%


    No less than 500 specimens


    Power-off protection


    External. Reports with the curves can be printed while connecting to the computer (nonstandard configuration).

    Size (height × length × width)

    300 mm × 400 mm × 300 mm


    5.65 kg

    Power supply

    AC 220 ± 22 V,  50 Hz ± 1 Hz

    Working conditions

    Temperature: 15 ºC - 32 ºC; Relative humidity: 45% - 80%


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