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Upper-arm Intramuscular Injection and comparison Simulator (with Alarming System) YSBIX-H30

Model: YSBIX-H30
  • ModelYSBIX-H30
  • BrandYSENMED
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    1.texture of skin feels real, not obvious needle marks. side of upper-arm is transparent and nerve and vessels can be seen. to facilitate positioning.
    3.correct injection point, to avoid false thorn nerves and blood vessels, so that operator training real.
    4.shoulder and other bones and other have landmarks, which may provide the correct injection site through the touch judge.
    5.Red light and sound will alarm if injection is too deep or the position is wrong.
    6.If needle touch the nerve, the indicating light will turn on and alarming sound will appear.
    7.If the injection position is right, the green light will turn on .
    8.can be in shoulder and elbow with subcutaneous, intramuscular injection practice.
    9.Allow liquid injection, discharged by the drain pipe

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