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Stainless steel thawing tank YSHDC89A

Model: YSHDC89A
Stainless steel thawing tank YSHDC89A
  • ModelYSHDC89A
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     Material: high quality 304 stainless steel cold rolled steel 

    Surface hardness: HV200 

    Bending: 180

    Tensile strength: tensiletestts / nmm2min520 


    Load: ≥150kg

    Size: 2200L*740W*850H mm

    Electric lifting

    Main function:

    ◆The cover plate of the defrosting tank can be vertically attached to one side of the box, without occupying space.

    ◆The operation table can be taken out manually, which is convenient for cleaning the internal dirt.

    ◆The water pressure of moving spray gun is adjustable, to clean the whole dirt.

    ◆When thawing the corpse, the sewage can be directly discharged to the water outlet.

    ◆Drain with valve located on the bottom.

    ◆With water circulation system and water outlet and inlet device to speed up natural trawing.

    ◆Electric lifting with lifting height 50-350mm.

    ◆Equipped with leakage protection device and waterproof socket 220V 50Hz.

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