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Multifunctional incubator CO2 cell incubator shaking Electrothermal thermostatic incubator CCI-1-1603

Model: CCI-1-1603
  • ModelCCI-1-1603
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    This product is suitable for the incubation of mammal cells, plant tissue, bacteria, fungi and virus. It can meets the requirement of molecular biology research in various incubation.


    The modularization of different control units such as temperature, CO2 concentration and shaking controller can meet user’s various requirements. The user can control the on or off of different functional modules to realize different experiment conditions.


    A: Electrothermal thermostatic incubator.

    B: A plus CO2 concentration control equals CO2 Cell Incubator.

    C: A plus shaking equals thermostatic shaking incubator

    D: A plus CO2 concentration control plus shaking equals multifunctional Incubator (Electrothermal type)




    CCI-1-1603  (Electrothermal Type)

    Outer dimension  (cm)


    Work room dimension (cm)

    Without shaking system: 50×45×70  With shaking system: 50×45×56


    Without shaking system: 160L    With shaking system: 125L


    LED Display, Button input.

    Shaker volume

    500ml×9, or 250ml×9

    Temperature range  (°C)


    Temperature fluctuation (°C)


    Temperature uniformity (°C)


    CO2 Concentration range


    CO2 Concentration fluctuation


    Shaking mode

    Rotating shaking,  Amplitude: 30mm, 40~250 rpm

    Timing range

    1: Continuous      2: 1~99 hour

    Temperature sensor

    PT 100 Resistance

    CO2 concentration censor

    Imported Infrared CO2 concentration sensor

    Loading shelves


    Refrigerating system


    Safety function


    Over-temperature self protection heater

    Temperature deviation alarm

    CO2 concentration deviation alarm

    Door control: When door is open, heating will be cut off, CO2 starts to input, and fan starts to work. Function like shaking and refrigerant will also begin to work. 


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