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Multi-functional Autopsy Table YSJPT30B

Model: YSJPT30B
Multi-functional Autopsy Table YSJPT30B
  • ModelYSJPT30B
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Made of high quality stainless steel.
    The surface is finished with circular arc,without scaling, convenient for cleaning.Sieved table-top plate with graduated ruler.
    The sink is equipped with a hair isolator to prevent from entering the drainage pipe.The Table has a manual sensor faucet, hot and cold water temperature adjustable.With movable spray water gun, pressure adjustable, easy to flush the dirt.
    The table-top can be side-turning, and it can be lifted to 15cm at maximum.8 flushing nozzles on both sides, for washing away the dirt during dissecting.With a grinder underneath for disposing the waste,which will be drained away.A movable tray over the table for organs can be optional.
    With negative pressure suction system for removing the harmful gas or
    odour during dissecting.
    Size: 260*85*85cm, table top can go up 15cm at maximum.Optionals: 1.Movable orgran tray; 2.Stainless headrest.

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