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Moible Simple forensic autopsy table with Sink YSJPT-4A

Model: YSJPT-4A
Moible Simple forensic autopsy table with Sink YSJPT-4A
  • ModelYSJPT-4A
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    Material: high quality 304 stainless steel cold rolled steel 

    Surface hardness: HV200 

    Bending: 180

    Tensile strength: tensiletestts / nmm2min520 

    Thickness: 1.5mm for table steel plate and 1.2mm for the rest

    Load: ≥150kg

    Specification: A type 2400L*700W*850H mm Movable type

    Main function:

    ◆Concave design of table top prevents overflow, circular arc molding, acid and alkali resistance.

    ◆Two inclined wave drainage grooves are set on the table to drain the sewage directly to the water tank.

    ◆The height difference between the left and right of the table top is 1.5cm, so that the drainage is smooth and unimpeded.

    ◆Water tank size 450 * 320 * 180m, no dead angle, easy to clean and wash.

    ◆There are hair isolators in the pool to prevent hair from entering the drain pipe and blocking the drain pipe.

    ◆Equipped with 6-function movable spray washing gun, it can wash the whole dirt of dissecting table, and the water pressure can be adjusted.

    ◆The foot of the simple dissecting table is detachable, convenient for transportation and installation.

    ◆Optional accessories: 4 φ 125 gravity universal wheels.

    ◆The foot is equipped with universal wheel, which is convenient to move and can be braked at will. The cart can be fixed to prevent accidents during moving

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