Medical Waste Incinerator


Medical Waste Incinerators YSFS-500

Model: YSFS-500
Medical Waste Incinerators YSFS-500
  • ModelYSFS-500
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    YSFS-500 Specifications 
    1.Smokeless and no harmful to environment.
    2.Continuously and fully burning.
    3.Simple operation.
    1. YSFS-500 Description
    YSFS series waste incinerator is a kind of machine that possess the own intellectual property, features unique and advanced merits with compact size, high burning efficiency, reasonable burning technology, high degree of non-harm etc, it is an ideal choice for waste treatment of hospital, hotels, various stations and industries.

    2. YSFS-500 Advantage
    1) Long lifetime
    2) Totally enclosed operation
    3) Suitable for treating infectious waste
    4) Avoid secondary pollution
    5) Simple operation
    3. YSFS-500 Main features
    1) Both gas-motivated and oil-motivated are all can be preferred according to customers’ needs.
    2) Gasified incineration is used for burning syringe, paper waste, bandage, absorbent cotton and other medical wastes.
    3) Daily waste can be burned once by gasified incineration.
    4) Gasified incineration, mixed incineration and burnout treatment ensures low emission standard of dust (lower than International standard).
    5) Totally enclosed operation is suitable for treating infectious waste to avoid secondary pollution.
    4. YSFS-500 Application
    1) Hospitals
    2) Hotels
    3) Stations
    4) Industries 
    The follows are our detail information:
     Medical refuse Incinerator:

    Applicable hospital size
    (number of beds)   
    Burning Ability 300-400㎏/ times
    (daily incineration3-6 times)
    Size of the Burner 3m×2m×4.8m
    Volume of the Burner
    Gasification room3.5m3, secondary bumingroom1.5m3,drift a long buming a room0.3m3
    Size of the filling entrance 1080㎜×1280㎜
    Chimney Height 14m out-radius¢460mm
    Blower Power 1.1kw 0.55kw
    Combustion-support combustion machines Power0.22kw, fuelconsumption7-14kg/h
    Re-burning machine Power0.37kw, fuelconsumption15-26kg/h
    Running voltage 220V or 380V
    Weight About14800

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