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Integrated Multi-function Electric Operating Table YSOT-2100B

Model: YSOT-2100B
Integrated Multi-function Electric Operating TableYSOT-2100B
  • ModelYSOT-2100B
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    Technical parameters:

    Length: 2150mm
    Width: 500mm20mm
    Lowest and highest table height: (750-1000) 50mm
    forward lean: 28
    backward lean: 18
    Table longitudinal scope: 40050mm
    Left/right lean: 18
    Leg Board down: 90
    Leg evagination: 90
    Back board up: 80
    Head board up/down: 90
    Kidney Elevator: 100mm
    Power: AC 220V10% 50Hz
    Input power: 500VA
    Main Feature
    1. Concise design: totally enclosed appearance, Ultra Thin table board, lifting column, base and flanks
    frames, provide much space for C-arm, load bearing is 160kg

    2. Longitudinal movement: Longitudinal slide way can make the operation table longitudinal move,
    C-arm, X-ray and other imaging equipment can transilluminate the patient without moving them.

    3. 5 section operation table board: head board, back board, kidney elevator, hip board and leg board.

    4. X-ray transillumination: table board made by polymer polymerization material, supporting taking
    photo by C-arm and X-ray. X-ray cassette can be loaded through X-ray cassette slideway.

    5. Square lifting column is made by Germany, which has 4 times safety factor and 8 fasteners which
    can make it stable

    6. Antiseptic surface: base, lifting column sleeve is made by wiredrawing stainless steel, elegant appearance,
    antiseptic, antirust, easy for clean and disinfection.

    7. Computer control: using microcomputer hand control adjusts the relative operation position. Picture
    printed on the button indicates the function, easy to understand and has long life

    8. The operation table has excellent function, elegant appearance, easy to operate. The memory mattress,
    thickness is 70mm, effectively relieve patients pressure point, prevent postoperative bedsore occurred

    9. Machine design is in line with IEC60601-2-46, different accessories can be configured to suit the different
    needs of surgery  

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