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Illumination Incubator SPX-GB

Model: SPX-GB
This incubator is a high precision thermostatic equipment with illumination. It’s applicable in plant germination, culture of seeding, microbes incubation, water body BOD test and other thermostatic experiment.
  • ModelSPX-GB
  • BrandYSENMED
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    ·LED digital tube display.
    ·Microprocessor PID control, accurate and stable.
    ·30 sections program design. Each phase is with 9999 hour or min for the maximum timing.
    Personalized structure design:
    ·Stainless steel chamber, easy to clean.
    ·Shelves adjustable easily.
    ·Magnetic door sealing.
    ·The fluorescent lights are equipped at both side of the incubator.
    ·The special glasses with good heat insulating ability and light transmittance are installed between the fluorescent lights and the chamber, and on the inner door, which reduces the heat transmission into the chamber and ensures the desired light intensity, also keeps the convenience of observation.
    ·Hidden defrosting without influence on the inner temperature.
    ·Forced convection for even temperature.
    ·Freon-free refrigerant, eco-friendly and highly efficient.
    Safety function:
    ·Over-temperature protection.
    ·Temperature sensor open circuit or short circuit protection.
    ·Auto-off protection and alarm if there’s abnormity.
    ·Parameters auto-save when power interruption or system breakdown.

    Model SPX-150-GB SPX-250-GB SPX-300-GB SPX-400-GB
    Outer dimension (cm) 73×58×157 66.5×76.5×182 68.5×78×192 75.5 ×90.5×184
    Work room dimension (cm) 42×42×93 47×46×118 49×47.5×128 56×60×120
    Package dimension (cm) 86×71×174 89×77×199 90×79×210 105×87×204
    Capacity (L) 150 250 300 400
    N.W./ G.W. (Kg) 114/148 124/158 132/178 150/200
    Shelves 3 3 3 3
    Rated power (W) 1000 1500 2000 2500
    Temperature range (°C) With illumination: 10~50 °C,    Without illumination: 5~50 °C,
    Temperature fluctuation (°C) ±1.5°C
    Temperature uniformity ±2°C
    illuminance 6000 Lx   (6 degree adjustable)
    Refrigerant R134a (Freon-free, eco-friendly)
    Power supply 220V ±10% 50Hz
    Room temperature 5~35°C
    Working time Continuously

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