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Dental Operating Microscope for Microsurgery Amplification and Image Management YSOM-X-12B

Model: YSOM-X-12B
Dental Operating Microscope for sale with good price.
  • ModelYSOM-X-12B
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    1. YSOM-X-12B operating microscope enjoys streamlined design, ingenious conception, compact layout, and unique pneumatic locking device microscope hanging arm design, making itself in flexible adjustment in all aspects. As a result, it meets the operation needs of the Stomatology Department and the ENT Department, and enables doctor to maintain a comfortable surgical posture, further reducing long-term surgical fatigue.

    2. The microscope adopts the stepless continuous zoom. The eye lens has wide-angle design. The microscope optical system is characterized by clear imaging, strong three-dimensional sense, large field of vision and long depth of field. The large objective lens is provided with fine focusing knob, which is used for precise focusing. Moreover, the large objective lens has also air-blowing fog clearing device, which is used to eliminate the mist on the surface of the objective lens as a result of the expired gas from patient's oral cavity, thereby enabling doctors to make observation more clearly.

    3. The coaxial cold light source lighting is applied, which has no damage to tissue. The lighting source is the Germany OSRAM bulb. The imported optical fiber has high brightness and strong penetration.

    4. The instrument has two groups of light sources “light 1” and “light 2”. When one bulb suddenly goes off, the bulb replacement switch can quickly switch the other group of light source to the optical path, thereby enabling the operation to proceed smoothly.

    5. The unique patented pneumatic locking device features low noise, accurate positioning, and good control performance.


    Microscope parameters:

    (1) Eyepiece: 12.5X wide angle            

    (2) Observed slope: pitching -45° ~ +45°; left and right: -30° ~ +30°

    (3) Pupil distance: 50-76mm, continuously adjustable

    (4) Diopter adjustment: ± 7 degrees (binocular)

    (5) Amplification factor: 5X-20X, manual step-less continuous zoom

    (6) Field of view: 10.5mm-60mm

    (7) Working distance: ≥ 160mm


    Illuminant parameters:

    (1) Form: optical fiber coaxial lighting

     (2) Light source: dual lamps 15V /150W (German imported OSRAM halogen lamp)

     (3) Control mode: Stepless dimming

     (4) Illumination: ≥15000Lux

     (5) Power supply: 220V ± 10% 50Hz


    Position adjustment parameters:

    1) Length of arm extended: 1,350mm

    2) Elevation range: > 300mm

    3) Distance of the main mirror above ground: 1,200mm

    4) Manual switch: manual dimming


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