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COVID-19 Medical Ventilator YSAV310A

Model: YSAV310A
COVID-19 Medical Ventilator YSAV310A
  • ModelYSAV310A
  • BrandYSENMED
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    1.1 Features
    1. Ventilation modes: A/C、SIGH、SIMV、SPONT、MANUAL;
    2. Stable and reliable performance: the ventilator is micro-processor controlled and
    programmable with digital integrated circuit, to realize the automatic recognition and control of ventilation parameters in different ventilation modes. The primary parts and components adopts high quality imported ones, and all the elements have passed the aging test, which enhances the stability and reliability of this equipment;
    3. Powerful display
    a. Dynamic monitoring parameters: Tidal volume、Minute ventilation volume、peak pressure、Total frequency、I:E ratio.
    b. Setting parameters: Tidal volume、ventilation frequency、inspiration time、trigger pressure、upper airway pressure limit、lower airway pressure limit、control pressure.
    c. LED status indicator: trigger、AC/DC power supply、charging、O2、stand-by;
    d. Alarms Display: Low tidal volume、High airway pressure、Low airway pressure alarm、Apnea、Low battery、Low gas supply、External power failure.
    e. Alarming modes: Sound-light alarm.
    1.2 Technical performance
    1.2.1 Technical parameters
    1) Ventilation modes: A/C、SIGH、SIMV、SPONT、MANUAL;
    2) Tidal volume: 0, 30ml~2400ml continuously adjustable. tolerance = ±15%;
    3) Max. minute ventilation volume: ≥18 L/min, continuously adjustable;
    4) Oxygen concentration: 50% or 100%.
    5) System compliance: < 4ml/100Pa;
    6) A/C ventilation frequency: 2bpm~80bpm (tolerance = ±5%);
    7) I/E ratio: 5:1~1:5 (inspiration time: 0.2s~ 6s) (tolerance = ±5%) ;
    8) Max. working pressure: ≤6kPa;
    9) Inspiration trigger pressure: continuously adjustable from 0cmH2O to -20cmH2O (tolerance = ±0.5 cmH2O);
    10) Sigh (Deep breath SIGH): after every 100 breath cycles, supply the patient with once deep
    breath with 1.5 times of the former tidal volume.
    11) SIMV Ventilation frequency : 1bpm~30bpm (tolerance = ±5%);
    12) Inspiration-expiration switching pressure: 6cmH2O – 40cmH2O
    13) Gas supply pressure: 280 kPa~600 kPa; normally, the full oxygen cylinder (2.8L) accompanied the ventilator can work continuously for at least 1 hour.
    14) Apnea time: 20s
    15) Power supply: supply power to A/C adapter, 100V~240V,50Hz/60Hz.
    16) Internal battery: Recharging battery 14.8V,2200mAh, the internal battery can works for at least 4 hours continuously, the recharging time is about 6 hours.

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