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Biologic Safety Cabinet YSBSC-B2

Model: YSBSC-B2
Biological safety cabinet Class II biological safety cabinet/biological safety cabinet is necessary in animalcule lab, especially in the condition needing protection measure, such as medicine, pharmacy, scientific research and so on.
  • ModelYSBSC-B2
  • BrandYSENMED
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    1. Air insulation design to avoid cross pollution inside and outside air circulation within complete-drainage, vertical laminar negative pressure.
    2. Equipped with spring up/down movable door in the front and back of work bench, flexible and convenient to locate
    3. Equipped with special filter on ventilation to keep vented air conforming to national standard.
    4. Contact switch adjusts voltage to keep wind speed in working area in ideal state all the time.
    5. Operate with LED panel.
    6. The material of the work area is 304 stainless steel.
    Parameter / model YSBSC-1000IIB2 YSBSC-1300IIB2 YSBSC-1600IIB2
    Cleaning level 100 Level(USA Federal Standard 209E)≥0.5um Granulae≤3.5per liter
    Descending wind speed ≥0.35m/s
    Wind speed in ≥0.55m/s
    Noise ≤58dB(A)
    Half ventilation peak value ≤3µm
    Power supply/Max. power consumption AC220V/50HZ/1KW
    Biological safety Personnel protection: impact type sampler: CFU≤10; narrow slot type sampler: CFU≤5
    Product protection: all sampling vessels: CFU≤5
    Cross contamination protection: all double dishes: CFU≤2
    working area 1000*650*580 1300*650*580 1600*650*580
    Overall dimension 1200*750*1950 1500*750*1950 1800*750*1950
    Specification of air-supply filter 955*545*50*1 1290*554*50*1 1590*554*50*1
    Specification and number of fluorescent lamp or UV lamp 20W*2/20W*1 30W*2/30W*1 30W*2/30W*2
    Illumination ≥650LX ≥650LX ≥650LX
    Weight(kg) 300 340 380
    Suit Single Double Double

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