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Anaerobic incubator YQX-I

Model: YQX-I
This instrument is used for a non-oxygen environment to cultivate and handle anaerobic microbes. It can provide a strict anaerobic and constant temperature condition and a systematic and scientific working area.
  • ModelYQX-I
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    Structure features:
     ·This product is composed of constant temperature incubation chamber, anaerobic operation room, sampling room, gas and electricity control system, bottle holder and disinfector, etc. It’s ingeniously designed to form a stable anaerobic environment in the operation room.
    ·Microprocessor intelligent temperature controller with over-temperature protection.
    ·UV lamp is equipped for gas disinfection.
    ·The gas flow can be adjusted for different inlet gas.
    ·Operation room is made of stainless steel and the front door is made of thick transparent shockproof special glass.
    ·Dedicated gloves for a comfortable and flexible operation.
    ·Operation room is equipped with special loop-carrier disinfector, experiment shelves, wax melting disinfector and oxygen eliminating catalyst.
    ·The gas flow can be adjusted for different inlet gas.
    ·Operation room is made of stainless steel andthe front door is made of thick transparent shockproof  special glass.
    ·Dedicated gloves for a comfortable, flexible operation.
    ·In the operation room it’s equipped with melting disinfector, experiment shelves, and oxygen eliminating catalyst.
    Model YQX-I   
    Sampling room path (cm) 16×24.5
    Oxygen-eliminating time in sampling room < 5min
    Oxygen-eliminating time in operation room < 1 h (Oxygen concentration≤1%)
    Non-oxygen maintaining time > 12 h (when no supply of mixed gas in operation room)
    Temperature range in incubation room RT+3~60℃
    Temperature fluctuation in incubation room ≤±0.3℃
    Temperature uniformity in incubation room ≤±1℃
    Power supply/Consumption 220V, 50Hz/600W
    Size of incubation room (cm) 25×19×29
    Size of operation room (cm) 81×65×66
    Outline dimensions (cm) 121×74×141
    Packing dimensions (cm) 134×88×159

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