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 Electric Orthopedic Drill & Saw
Multifunction Electric Orthopedic Bone Drill / Saw Set System YSDZ0501
Multifunctional surgical drill is applicable to different kinds of surgery options.
Medical Autoclavable Stainless Steel Surgery Sternum Saw YSXJ-01
1. Full-sealed electric motor can be sterilized up to 135 °c 2. Excellent quality, portable design and adjustable speed control. 3. Sheath protection function capable of protecting parenchyma from damage 4. Replace the guide, can be used as reciprocati
Medical Neurosurgery Electric Skull Dual Function Drill And Mill YSKL-01
1: Conbinaton of drilling and milling. 2: Automatic stopping to ensure safety in operation. 3: Craniotomy mill with the speed over 40000rpm, rapid and high. Efficiency more suited to craniotomy operation in neurosurgery. 4: Packaged assembly and modifi
Medical Mini Multifunctional Surgical Drill Tool
The Features of Mini Multifunctional Surgical Drill Tool: 1. Main frame is made of stainless steel, durable, long working hours, the accessories can be selected freely for different operation. 2. Quick chuck: Imported chuck ensures outstanding performan
Medical Hospital Electric Plaster Saw YSDJ-03
Plaster Saw 1. For application in removing all kind of orthopedic bandage. 2. High-speed saw blade vibration system. 3. Adopt import motor, powerful, quickly cutting and reliable. 4. High efficiency and safety during operation.
Surgical Power Tools Stainess Steel Cannulated Drill YSKXZ-01
1) Variable speed, convenient 2) High coaxiality, lower-noise 3) Powerful motor 4) Autoclavable
Medical Advanced Surgical Battery Driven Oscillating Saw YSBJ-01
1) For application in hand surgery 2) Ingenious technological skill, high quality 3) Perfect ergonomic design, widely compatility, used in a variety of surgery
Hospital Stainless Steel Medical Device Disinfectant Drill Box YSXDH-01
Stainless Steel Medical Device Disinfectant Box For Hospital 1) Can drive 7 attachments 2) CE Approved 3) Used for surgical operations 4) Stainless steel 5) Professional manufacturer
Medical Hospital Skull Drill And Mill YSKL-02
1. Full-sealed electric motor can be sterilized up to 135 °c 2. Excellent quality, portable design and adjustable speed control. 3. Combination of drill and mill make the changeover easier 4. Fast mounting and dismounting speed make surgery more effic
Medical Electric Bone Drill YSDZ-01
1. High-speed> 1300 r / min, 2. Easy to drill holes, 3. Less operation time. 4. All imported of drill chuck, precise concentricity, flexible operation and durable in use. 5. Strong power with long working hours for a single time.
Orthopedic Power Tool Drill and Surgical Hip Reamer Slow Drill YSDZ-02
I: Autoclavable low speed drill. Ii: Discretionary speed control. Iii: Low speed with higher torque. Iv: Versatile and cost-effective. V: One year warranty offered
Battery Powered TPLO Saw
Standard configuration: One saw handpiece; One charger; Two batteries; Two aseptic battery transfer rings; One spanner; One saw blade (size can be chosen); One Aluminum case
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