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 Electrosurgical Unit
High Frequency Cautery Surgical Electrosurgical Generator YSESU-2000I
Low Price Six working modes high frequency electrosurgical generator
Good Quality Six Working Modes Medical Electrosurgical Generator YSESU-D6
Low Price Six working modes high frequency electrosurgical generator
Bipolar Electrosurgical Generator YSESU-2000AI LCD
Nine working modes high frequency Surgical Bipolar electrosurgical generator
Electrosurgery Generators YSESU-D5M
Various functions with compact and light design Monopolar Cut(Pure cut, Blend 1, Blend 2) Monopolar Coag (Fulgurate Coag, Spray Coag) Bipolar Coag, fully meet different surgery requirement
Electrocautery Machine Surgical Bipolar Electrosurgery Unit YSESU-X200PK
YSESU-X200PK is a Multifunctional electrosurgical generator with a wide range of application departments and a very high cost performance.
High Frequency 5 Working Modes Electrosurgical Unit YSESU-2000I5
Max 300W Electrosurgical Generator, with mono-polar and bipolar function. Five working modes: pure cut, blend, spray coag, forced coag, bipolar coag.
Portable Cost-effective Veterinary Electric Surgical Generator Small Size with Foot Control YSESU-X100V
Capable of most monopolar and bipolar surgical procedures and packed with dependable safety features,the YSESU-X100V satisfies the veterinarian’s demands with precision,safety,and reliability.
Surgical Smoke Air Evacuator Electrosurgical Unit Smoke Evacuator YSESU-X300
YSESU-X300 Smoke Vac is easy to operate, and it is easy to replace the filter. The high-efficiency filter element maximizes the running time of the filter under the premise of ensuring user safety. The filter can last for 25 hours.
High Frequency Electrotome Surgical Cautery YSESU-2000A
Surgical Bipolar Seven working modes high frequency electrotome
New high frequency Multifunctional Electrosurgical Generator Surgical Equipment YSESU-X300D
YSESU-X300D new generation intelligent electrosurgical generator has manual mode and intelligent mode.
New generation smoke evacuation system for dermatology smoke evacuation system YSESU-X300P
Surgical smoke is composed of 95% water or water vapor and 5% cell debris in the form of particles. However, it is these particles that are less than 5% that cause surgical smoke to cause serious harm to human health.
Electric Bipolar Electrocoagulation Hemostasis YSESU-2000B
Good Quality Surgical Bipolar Electrocoagulation Hemostasis
Advanced Electrosurgical Generator In Gynecology YSESU-LEEP8
Advanced Electrosurgical Surgical Generator In Gynecology Diathermy Machine for sale with good price.
Medical Advanced High-frequency Electrocautery Smoke Evacuator SystemYSESU-X200
The YSESU-X200 medical smoking device adopts a 200W smoking motor to effectively remove the harmful smoke generated during gynecological LEEP, microwave treatment, CO2 laser and other operations.
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