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Lowest Price Patient Monitor For Sale Edan Elite V6
EDAN Elite V6 15 inch Modular monitor , 2IBP, CO2, cardiac out put, Anesthesia GAS
Good Price Hot Sale Central Monitoring System YSUC10A
YSUC10A Central monitoring station provides a medical information management solution used in clinical environment by connecting monitor network with patient monitors.
Top Grade Multi-parameter Monitor With 7 Inches Display YSF6-II
YSF6-II LCD display, high resolution. Built-in rechargeable battery. User-Friendly operational window. 60s full disclosure of ECG playback. 48 hours tabular and graphic trends & data storage.
High Quality 15 Inch Touch Screen Multi-parameter Patient Monitor YSPM90D
5" high resolution color TFT LCD display;13 Type Arrhythmic Analysis, Multi_Lead ECG Waveforms Display in Phase, Real time S_T segment analysis, pacemaker detection Drug calculation and titratiotable;
Hot Selling Carbon Dioxide Concentration Monitor YSPM-CA60
YSPM-CA60 has become the smallest End-tidal CO2 Monitor in the world, achieving the measuring of EtCO2 and Respiratory Rate in all Respiratory Conditions.Small in size, light in weight, only 50 gramsLower power consumption, up to 3 working hours
Medical Mini Good Quality Portable Low Price Palm-top spo2 Monitor YSPO360
Lightweight for carrying and Easy-To-Use.Big size 2.8 inch color TFT LCD display for SPO2/PR/Pulse bargraph/ plethysmogram
Hot Sale Medical Equipment Multi-parameter Monitor YSF2
Multi-parameter Monitor YSF2 built-in large capacity rechargeable lithium battery,5V DC power supply for ambulance use
8 Inch Touch Screen Ambulance Mountable Patient Monitor YSPM60B
8" color TFT LCD screen, resolution 800*600 ,15 kinds of arrhythmia analysis, 15 kinds of drug concentration analysis,
Excellent Quality Best Cost Vital Signs Monitor YSVS900
Standard parameters: Pulse Rate and SpO2.Built-in memory, store up to 100 hours of tabular of patient SpO2.High brightness cold cathode fluorescent backlight LCD +LED display
Good Quality Vital Signs Monitor On Selling YSF3
The YSF3 vital signs monitor with 7 inches display .An optional HDMI output eases observation from a long distance.
Medical Multi-parameter Depth of Anesthesia Monitor YSPM9002
Connecting with the sensor will be displayed the index in 2-6s, realized the real-time monitoring.
Transport Patient Monitor Edan IM20
To keep track of a full-time patient data, the Transport Patient Monitor not only carries data between each elite V monitor, but also interfaces with MFM-CMS central station via Wi-Fi.
Best Price Multi-parameter Monitor Medical Equipment YSF5
YSF5 multi-parameter monitor with 12.1' color TFT LED screen supports display max. 8 waveforms ,Display mode: standard, large font, trend table, OxyCRG, full leads ECG
High Quality Multi-parameter Patient Monitor For Sale YSF6
YSF6 patient monitor is humane fashion design and handle of humanized integration design, easy to carry.Designed without fan, characterized with no noise and lower consumption.
Quality Edan Elite V8 Patient Monitor Price
EDAN 17 inch Modular monitor elite V8, 2IBP, CO2, cardiac out put, Anesthesia GAS
Ambulance 12 inch multi parameter mobile trolley stand cheaper price than mindray patient monitor YSPM90C
12.1" color TFT touch screen Windows style, Multi-channel display Big font interface ST and arrhythmia analysis Drug dose calculation and titration table OxyCRG dynamic view display Respiration monitoring with apnea alarms Alarm review, arrhythmia
10.4 Inch Multifunctional Patient Monitor Cost YSPM-A10
1. 10.4" High-resolution color TFT display, IPXI Waterproof, touch-screen optional 2. Standard monitoring for five parameters ECG, HR, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, 2-TEMP, PR
8.4 Inch Multifunctional Patient Monitor With Top Quality YSPM-A8
1. 8.4" High-resolution color TFT display, IPXI Waterproof, touch-screen optional 2. Standard monitoring for five parameters ECG, HR, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, 2-TEMP, PR
12.1 Inch Multifunctional Patient Monitor YSPM-A12
12.1" High-resolution color TFT display,IPXI Waterproof, touch-screen optional.Standard monitoring for five parameters ECG, HR, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, 2-TEMP, PR
Medical 15 Inches Multi-parameter Patient Monitor YSF9
The YSF9 patient monitor is designed to match the pace and unique needs of adult, pediatric, and neonatal intensive care; anesthesia and peri-operative care; OR and cardiac care environments etc.
Touch Screen Depth of Anesthesia Multi-parameter Monitor With Hemoglobin Monitoring YSPM9002S
Electric: be charged full power by 1 hour later, then users could replace the lithium battery pack
Hot Selling Edan Elite V5 Patient Monitor
Hot Selling Edan Elite V5 Patient Monitor
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