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Medical X-ray Film Drying Machine YSX1546
X-ray accessories.It is ideal equipment for drying films.
Fully Automatic X-ray Film Processor Machine YSX1501
Automatic and Rinse width: 3"×6"~14"×17", 5.2L/tank 3 tanks
YSX-450DY Medical Dry Film Thermal Printer
The Dry Imager accommodates for a full range of imaging modalities including CT, MR, DR, CR, DSA, etc.
Medical X-ray Dosimeter YSX1628
Mainly for testing x-ray and y-ray, and directly reading the dose and dose rate.
8.2L Automatic X-ray Film Processor For Sale YSX1505
8.2L/tank 3 tanks,LCD automatic and rinse width: 3"×6"~14"×17"
YSENMED X-ray Radiography Table with Bucky Holder
The bucky holder is compatitable with both cassette and flat panel detector
Medical X-ray Darkroom Light YSX1702
X-ray accessories,darkroom lamp (single color)
YSENMED X-ray Film Illuminator / Film Viewer
With 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 couplets avaiable
Medical X-ray Film Cassette YSX1707
X-ray Accessories,x-ray film cassette
YSENMED Medical X-ray High Voltage Generator
Single phase (220V) technology, hospitals don't have to pay high for 380V power supply.
X-ray Film Cassette Holder YSX1611
X-Ray Protection Device-Shoot Rack: Pendant type,X-ray film holder
Medical X-ray Developer Machine YSX1502
Fully automatic 8.2L/tank 3 tanks,with CE ISO,automatic and rinse width: 3"×6"~14"×17"
YSX-GY High Frequency High Voltage Medical X-ray Tube Generator Price
Hot Sales YSX-GY Digital X Ray Machine Radiography Accessories X-ray Tube Generator
Stainless Steel X-ray Film Hanger Holder YSX1701
Matrial:stainless Steel,used for X-ray film
YSENMED is a professional medical equipment company from China, compounded with the R&D and sale of medical device, is a leading supplier of medical equipment, especially in the field of medical x-ray machine.
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