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Surgical Instruments Disposable Linear Stapler YS-P-LSA-30
Apply to close stump and incision in gastric and intestinal operation.
Disposable Surgical Abdominal Wound Retractor Incision Protector YS-PQA
Apply for-thoracic,abdominal open operation,Endoscopic and mini-open surgery.
Medical Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar YS-P-TC
Puncturing abdominal cavity, supplying gas during laparoscopic surgery, and provide channels for operation instruments.
Disposable endo linear cutter stapling reloads YS-CGST60
La grapadora cortadora endo lineal desechable recarga YS-CGST60 con buen precio a la venta.
Disposable Anorectal Ligator Hemorrhoid Anal Device Ligation YS-P-TZA
Disposable Anal Hemorrhoid Ligation Device with good price for sale.
Abdominal surgery laparoscopic disposable suction irrigation set YS-PXY
Suitable for flushing tissue and sucking waste in the laparoscopic surgery.
Endo Disposable Circular Staple YS-P-CS21
Apply to end to end,end to side,side to side anastomosis in esophageal,gastric,intestinal etc clinical operation.
Hot sales Medical device disposable tissue closure clamp YS-ZJ-L
Suitable for human body blood vessels and coelom organization ligation and closing during operation.
Prolapse and Hemorrhoids Cutting Stapler PPH Disposable YS-P-GC-32
Apply to rectal mucosa prolapse in anal tube or hemorrhoid mucosa tissue suturing repair.
Single Use for Stomach Laparoscopic Disposable contour curved cutter stapler YS-PHX-A-45
Apply for anastomosis and resection of tissue in gastrointestinal surgical procedures.
Disposable Gastrointestinal linear cutter stapler YS-P-LCB
Gastric,intestinal etc surgery for transection,resection and creation of anastomoses.
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