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Veterinary Equipment to Saudi Arabia Pet Clinic

Time: 2020-08-28 16:59:49  Author: Charlotte Lai  

Veterinary equipment to Saudi Arabia ready to ship: 

YSMJ-VRY-A23 23L Class B bench-top autoclave sterilizer

YSX200VET Plus 20KW veterinary x-ray machine

YSVET0504 Animal electric operating table

YSVET-DZ01 Animal Injection Cage

YSVET-TZC150 Animal scales

YSXWJ80CX Binocular microscope

YSCF-6K Mini centrifuge

YSOT04L3  Mobile Operating Lamp 

YSOT-L1B Wall-mounted LED operating light

YSOCS-Y5W Oxygen generator

YSVET-CX130 B Pet cleaning tub with hair dryer

YS-23A.I Portable electric suction device

YSVET-200HJ Veterinary anesthesia laryngoscope

YSAV601V Veterinary anesthesia machine with ventilator

YSDEN-301V Veterinary dental unit with air compressor

YSTE320V Veterinary hematology analyzer

YSB5600V Portable veterinary ultrasound scanner

YSESU-100D Veterinary electrocautery machine

YSTE120V Portable veterinary dry chemistry analyzer

YSPM-A12V Veterinary Patient Monitor