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Veterinary Equipment for Philippines New Clinic

Time: 2020-07-02 14:56:13  Author: Medical X-ray Machine Manufacturer & Supplier / Best Medical X-ray Company - YSENMED  

Our best clinet from Philippines built his new vet hospital, and he purchase and customized a lot of equipment from us YSENMED.

No all goods just arrived in Philippines and will be put on service.

Any veterinary equipment enquriy welcome to YESHENMED, we are professional in this field for more than 17 year in Guangzhou, China.

Sharing more detailed photos as follow:

YSSY900V Vet infusion pump

YSZS-B50V Vet syringe pump

YSPM500V  Veterinary patient monitor

YSPO100VC Vet capnograph

YSECG300V Veterinary 3-channel ECG machine

YSAV600PV Portable vet anesthesia machine

YSESU-100D Veterinary electrocautery machine

YSNJ-100VET Veterinary endoscope system

YSX050-A Portable veterinary x-ray machine

YSX1501 Automatic film processor

YSET62512B Crash Cart

YSOT-L1M-1 LED Examination Lamp

YSVET0504 Animal electric operating table

YSTE320V Veterinary hematology analyzer

YSTE-21BV Semi-auto veterinary chemistry analyzer

YSVET-SA68T Veterinary sperm quality analyzer

YSTE-MR4 Roller mixer

YSVET-DJ02 Veterinary stretcher