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YSENMED Medical Equipments To Rwanda

Time: 2019-10-29 14:43:02  Author: Medical X-ray Machine Manufacturer & Supplier / Best Medical X-ray Company - YSENMED  

We Guangzhou Yueshen Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. as one-shop stop professional medical equipments supplier, exported many medical equipments all around the world.

This customer from Rwanda had purchased many medical equipments from YSENMED. This time they purchased Roller mixer, Digital shaking Rotator, Nebulization, Dental chair unit, Microplate elisa reader and Microplate washer.

Roller mixer YSTE-MR2:

Digital shaking Rotator YSTE-DSR22:

Nebulization W003:

Dental chair unit YSDEN-920A:

Microplate elisa reader YSTE-M03:

Microplate washer YSTE206: