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The Future of X-ray Photography

Time: 2016-01-21 14:20:56  Author: YSENMED  

Frost & Sullivan pointed out that x-ray machine photography checking has entered into no film digital environment in analysis report of Diagnosis digital photography. Computed Radiography and Digital Radiography all have a larger significant progress. The key factors that make this transform be true is that both of them can improve work efficiency. In the same time, doctors could finish more checking and hospitals can increase income. In addition, high resolution photoshop quality and x-ray radiation reduction also improve transformation.

Analysis report of Frost & Sullivan think that Flat Panel Detector front-end digital acquisition technology application and later processing stage are development direction of x-ray photography technologyin next several years.

Recently, Portable digital system of Plat Panel Detector is the newest development in this area. Although portable system may replace Computed Radiography, photography quality still need to improve than lower cost storage system.

Fluorescence fluoroscopy checking was conducted in the side of Dynamic Digital Radiography. It is that adopt digital x-ray photography system for x-ray. The photography quality has improved and little radiation patient get. Flat Panel Detector technology will further improve and make integrated circuits and pixels become smaller.

Widely application of Computed Radiography and Digital Radiography impediment still remain that. Digital Radiography price decrease but the overall price level is still high. One of reasons is that high cost of Digital Radiography research and development. In addition, if the assembly system doesn’t match, high efficiency of Computed Radiography and Digital Radiography and long-term value will be discounted.

In addition, analysis report point out that photoshop processing is also a larger development place in radiology. Therefore, the software algorithm that can support photoshop and image reconstruction is the necessary process of any new digital diagnostic photography technology.