• High Frequency Digital 3.5kw/5kw C-arm x ray system YSX-C35D/YSX-C50D
  • High Frequency Digital 3.5kw/5kw C-arm x ray system YSX-C35D/YSX-C50D
    High Frequency Digital 3.5kw/5kw C-arm x ray system YSX-C35D/YSX-C50D
    Model: YSX-C35D/YSX-C50D
    High Frequency 3.5kw/5kw Digital C-arm x ray system
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    High Frequency Digital 3.5kw/5kw C-arm x ray system


    Digital 3.5kw/5kw C-arm x ray system

    Technical parameters and configuration:

    Main components

    Technique parameter

    IMD X-ray tube





    Double focus fixed anode focus:1.5mm / 0.6mm

    Double focus rotational anode focus: 0.3mm / 0.6mm

    Anode Heat Capacity:40kHu X-ray tube sleeve heat capacity:667kHu

    Anode Heat Capacity:200kHu X-ray tube sleeve heat capacity:800kHu

    High Voltage X-ray Generator

    Working frequency:40kHz

    Image intensifier

    Toshiba 9"(including 3 fields of view 4.5"/ 6"/9")

    Tube voltage

    Fluoroscopy Radiograph:40kV-110kV

    Fluoroscopy Radiograph:40kV-120kV

    Tube current

    Fluoroscopy: 0.5-4mA  Enhanced  Automatic Fluoroscopy: 1mA-8mA    Pulse  Fluoroscopy :2pps;8mA



    Fluoroscopy  mode

    Manual  Fluoroscopy; Semi-Automatic Fluoroscopy;Automatic Fluoroscopy; Enhanced  Automatic Fluoroscopy; Pulse  Fluoroscopy

    Intelligent exposure control

    No matter the object is in the center or on the fringing field of the image intensifier, the images are the same. The exposure dose is reduced.

    Iris beam limiting device

    when not exposure, keep in the state of Iris Beam limiting preview ,when exposure,keep blanking cycle track

    General radiography


    step length 1 kV;1.0mA.s

    Digital radiography (digital spot film)

    40kV-120kV;Max 16mA

    Common screen film radiography is eliminated. Digital radiography can get better images

    C-arm machinery index

    C-arm stander(with perfect C arm balance system) of ultra-quiet motor-driven up and down, easy and handy to operate. The machine can maintain balance with up and down of the C arm.

    Distance between focus and window900mm, arc depth650mm, horizontal moving range :200mm vertical moving range:400mm

    Tilt angle :±12.5°  rotation :±180°corner:125°(-35°-- +90°)

    Laser Orientation

    Laser positioning function can help to position precisely and reduce exposure times in the operation, reduce unnecessary radiation.

    Radiography mode

    Image intensifier & Real-time digital image(1.3 million pixel) processing system

    (CCD)Digital video  camera

    million pixels high-definition, high-speed CCD camera, a 1024 × 1024 matrix, 30 frames per second image acquisition, through real-time adjustment of window width, window level, noise reduction, sharpening and Gain adjustment to ensure high-quality and high-resolution images.

    Image  resolution  index

    Grey level:10  Resolution:22 lp/cm

    Camera virtual  rotation design

    No X-ray needed, also called digital image rotation,display the right angle when exposure, superior to camera  mechanical  rotation

    Image processing  system

    1.Real time edge  enhancement(sharpening)

    Image sharpening is also called edge enhancement, that is, to make  blurry edge of the image clearer

    2.Real time adjustment of the window width and window level

    Obtain images by real-time adjustment of window width,window level, displaying images with different brightness.

    3.Real time(static)multiform noise reduction

    Noise reduction, and improve image clarity

    4.Real tim GAIN adjustment

    Can amplify image signal, reduce x-ray dose, suitable for patient with super large size.

    5.Real tim dynamic brightness compensation and R calibration functions

    Through dynamic logarithmic transformation,linear reduction the system signals and r calibration technology, dark parts of the image can be enhanced and clear rich-layer images can be obtained

    6.Image conversing ,up-down and right-left rotating,and frame freezing

    7.Patient information management ,Clinic report  and print

    8.The Image can be storage as JPG and DICOM 3.0 format, can be linked to hard-disk ,USB  and DVD and printer,meet the need of sharing the network information ,communication  and  storage  in   hospital


    Display2 17TFT-LCD display


    Printer Laser / jet Printer

    Standard configuration

    1.Combined tube(5.0kW)IMD

    1 set;

    2.Image intensifier (9 inch 3 fields of view) Toshiba

    1 set

    3.C-arm stander (with full C-arm balance system)

    1 set;

    4.Exported grid

    1 set

    5.Laser positioning

    1 set;

    6.1.3 million pixel 1024×1280×10bit camera

    1 set;

    7.Electric adjustable beam limiting device

    1 set

    8.17 inch LCD high resolution screen

    2 sets

    9.Real-time digital imageprocession system (station)

    1 set;


    1 set

    Picture effect

    Digital c arm x ray machine

    Real photo

    C arm x ray machineC arm x ray machineC arm x ray machineC arm x ray machine

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