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8.2L Automatic X-ray Film Processor For Sale YSX1505

8.2L/tank 3 tanks,LCD automatic and rinse width: 3"×6"~14"×17"
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8.2L Automatic X-ray Film Processor YSX1505

x ray processor film

Product feature

1. Entire Chinese menu, large LCD screen on the washing prcedures and data transparent.

2. With automatic monitoring equipment faults, and the use of Chinese as displayed on the panel.

3. Wind road efficient drying system,even fast processor,the same bright dry up.              

4. Non-contact-oriented system to avoid the losers-film-flowers, dicing phenomenon.        

5. Machines designed to take full account of the chemical cycle efficiency. The AD HOL anti-oxidation are covered, together with precise irrigation area added                    

6. Automatic nonitoring system so that the unit's work performance and quality of irrigation to achieve quality and efficient level.

Technology parameters:

Model of processor : YSX1503 YSX1505
Operation conditions:
Voltage: 220V±10%,50/60Hz, 8.8A single-phase
Dryer temp 5~25℃
.Ambient humidity less than 60%
Power  of the whole machine:  less than 2kw
Technical specifications:
Type desktop Console model
Rinse width:  3"×6"~14"×17"
 Process time: 95~250s
 Develop time: 20~60s
Film feed mode: U-slot
Film sensing mode micro switch
 Develop temperature: adjustable 28 -37℃(plus or minus 0.3 )
Developing Capacity: 105p/h (14"*17"); 165p/h(10"*12")  115p/h (14"*17"); 165p/h(10"*12")
Dryer temperature:  40~65℃
 Channel volume:  Develop\Fixer\Water\each 5.2L  Develop\Fixer\Water\each 8.2L
Washing Control: Water 2~8L/ minute when rinse
Water developing control mode:  solenoid valve control
Anti-oxidation function: 60mins interval
Anti-crystallization function: 30mins interval
 Replenishment:  Auto. /manual 20~200ml/for 0.5s. Q. M
the details of the packing: wooden case
.the packing out-size(L*W*H/mm): 1130*775*750 1130*830*750
the gross weight of the wooden case : 100KG 110KG

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