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5.2L Automatic X-ray Film Developer YSX1503

5.2L/tank 3 tanks,LCD automatic and rinse width:3"×6"~14"×17"
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5.2L Automatic X-ray Film Developer YSX1503auto x ray film processor price for 5.2L


*Entire english menu, Large LCD screen on the washing procedures and data transparent.
*With automatic monitoring equipment faults, and the use of english as displayed on the panel.
*Wind road efficient drying system, euan fast processor, the same bright dry up.
*Non-contact-oriented system to avoid the losers-film-flowers, dicing phenomenon.
*Machines designed to take full account of the chemical cycle efficiency. The Ad Hol anti-oxidation are covered, together with precise irrigation area added automatic monitoring system so that the unit’s work performance and quality of irrigation to achieve quality and efficient level.

Technology parameters:

Model of processor : YSX1503 YSX1505
Operation conditions:
Voltage: 220V±10%,50/60Hz, 8.8A single-phase
Dryer temp 5~25℃
.Ambient humidity less than 60%
Power  of the whole machine:  less than 2kw
Technical specifications:
Type desktop Console model
Rinse width:  3"×6"~14"×17"
 Process time: 95~250s
 Develop time: 20~60s
Film feed mode: U-slot
Film sensing mode micro switch
 Develop temperature: adjustable 28 -37℃(plus or minus 0.3 )
Developing Capacity: 105p/h (14"*17"); 165p/h(10"*12")  115p/h (14"*17"); 165p/h(10"*12")
Dryer temperature:  40~65℃
 Channel volume:  Develop\Fixer\Water\each 5.2L  Develop\Fixer\Water\each 8.2L
Washing Control: Water 2~8L/ minute when rinse
Water developing control mode:  solenoid valve control
Anti-oxidation function: 60mins interval
Anti-crystallization function: 30mins interval
 Replenishment:  Auto. /manual 20~200ml/for 0.5s. Q. M
the details of the packing: wooden case
.the packing out-size(L*W*H/mm): 1130*775*750 1130*830*750
the gross weight of the wooden case : 100KG 110KG


Plywooden case 

The packing out-size(L*W*H/mm):


The gross weight of the wooden case: 



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