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X-ray Protective Lead Glasses YSX1602

X-Ray Protection Series-Protective Glasses. lead equivalent:0.35mmpb/0.5mmpb
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X-ray Protective Lead Glasses YSX1602 

radiation protection lead glasses
1. Type A, Side-protective
2. light weight
3. 0.35 and 0.5mmPb
4. CE approved
5. Protective Glasses
6. Lead Glasses / Lead spectacles / Protective Glasses

Detailed Product Description
1. Lead glasses can efficaciously prevent the getting through of the X-ray.
2. The medical X-ray protective glasses (protective glasses for short) is composed of the lead glass eyeglass and the glasses frame.
3. The lead equivalent of the protective glasses is not less than 0.25mmPb, 0.35mmPb, and 0.50mmPb.
4. It can efficaciously prevent the getting through of the X-ray. It is suitable for the research of radiation in the fields of national defence, scientific research, industry and mining, medical, health and epidemic prevention, and operators in the X-ray room.
5. It can prevent the operators eyes from being hurt by the high-energy radiation and X-ray.

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