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Medical Single Channel Digital ECG/ECK Machine YSECG-01

Portable Single Channel Digital ECG Machine
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Medical Single Channel Digital ECG/ECK Machine YSECG-01

single channel ecg

YSECG-01 Quick Details

Model number:  YSECG-01 (Single channel)
Dimension: 288mmX204mmX60mm
Packing: 380mmX300mmX210mm
Weight: 4.3kg(gross); 3.27kg(net)

YSECG-01 Features

1. Single channel with measurement report
2. Build in rechargeable Ni-MH battery
3. Chinese/English language
4. Simultaneous 12 leads
5. 20X2 character LCD
6. Paper size: 50mmX20/30m
7. Built in RS232 interface (USB is optional)

YSECG-01 Specification

Items specification
Lead standard 12 leads
lead acquisition synchronously 12 leads
Data acquisition 18bit/1000Hz
Record mode Manual mode; Auto 1; Auto 2; Auto 3
Filter AC, EMG,Drift Filter
CMRR 100dB(with AC filter)
Input circuit Floating; Protection circuit against Defibrillator effect
Input circuit current ≤0.1μA
Input Impedance ≥2.5MΩ
Patient current leakage <10μA
Calibrating voltage 1mV±2%
Voltage Tolerance ±500mV
Time constant >3.2s
Frequency response 0.05 ~150Hz
Noisy level ≤15μVp-p
Sensitivity valve ≤20μV
Inter-Channel Interference ≤0.5mm
Paper speed 25、50mm/s(±3%)
Sensitivity AUTO, 2.5, 5, 10, 20mm/mV
Recording mode Thermal Array printing
Paper specification 50mmx20m, roll
LCD display 20x2 character LCD, display status.
Safety classification IEC60601-1 class I, type CF
Power supply AC: 110V/220V/85~265V, 50/60Hz±1Hz;30VA
DC: 12V(1500mAh) rechargeable Ni-MH battery
Fuse AC extend T500mA/125V     ¢5x20mm
AC extend T250mA/250V     ¢5x20mm
AC extend T2.0A/250V         ¢5x20mm

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