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Top Grade Color Doppler 3D/4D Ultrasound System SonoScape S50

21.5 inch wide LED monitor and super responsive touch screen
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Top Grade Color Doppler 3D/4D Ultrasound System SonoScape S50 

SonoScape S50 Price - Sonoscape Color Doppler Ultrasound System S50 For Sale

Sonoscape S50 Introduction:

Adhering to its great image quality, SonoScape’s newly released S50 carries a comprehensive, upgraded platform, to become an epoch-making ultrasound system.

It is equipped with powerful single crystal transducers, remarkable 4D functions and intelligent workflow, which perfectly helps to meet a wide variety of general imaging needs.
Outfitted with extraordinary software and hardware, S50 is a perfectly balanced design, internally and externally. The quick response touch screen, mode switching and storage operations deliver a new standard for clarity and flexibility.


Improve your confidence
Single crystal: better penetration, higher resolution, greater sensitivity.
Extremely clear image performance with unique imaging, optimized technology from SonoScape.


Ease of use
New platform leads to an efficient workflow and provides excellent human-machine interaction. It allows us to quickly respond to the needs of costumers as well as user defined settings.
Fits your needs
SonoScape’s S50 provides various imaging software to fit different applications such as cardiology, radiology, OB/GYN, etc. With advanced features including cardiac and 4D packages, S50 can meet
the extensive needs of clinical challenges of today and tomorrow.


When designing the S50 we took operational use into consideration, creating a comfortable diagnosing environment. An ergonomic design, for excellent man-machine interaction and rapid response, makes S50 as an intelligent scanning assistant for you, bringing improved efficiency and helping to prevent fatigue from multiple examinations.

Sonoscape S50 Specification

21.5 inch Wide LED Monitor
Super Responsive Touch Screen
Flexible Adjusting Control Panel
Equipped with a wide band single crystal probe for abdominal and cardiac scanning
Built-in Gel Warmer
Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

SonoScape S50 Price - Sonoscape Color Doppler Ultrasound System S50 For Sale

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