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Medical X-ray Radiation Protection Lead Screen YSX1606

Spray-painted or stainless steel,radiation protective
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Medical X-ray Radiation Protection Lead Screen YSX1606

lead screen

1. Lead screen is composed of lead plate and iron plate
2. The lead screen lead equivalent is not less than 0.50mmPb.
3. Sight window size 6”X 8”, lead glass thickness 8mm and not less than 0.50mmPb
4. Height & width & thickness: 1800mm X 900mm X 35mm, equipped with 4 casters
5. Single couplet

Materials: Spray-painted or Stainless steel
1. Lead screen is used to the filming shielding protection in the X-ray photographic studio, dentistry, bedside and operating room.
2. The medical X-ray single link protective screen (lead screen) is composed of lead plate and iron plate.
3. It can be manufactured according to the size of the photographic studio and the need of the protection.
4. It is mainly equipped with a lead glass sight window of 6”X 8”.
5. The surrounding of the lead window can be sealed by adhesive plasters, so that to fix it firm.
6. It is equipped with 4 casters.

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