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X-ray Medical Radiation Protection Lead Gloves YSX1521

Lead equivalent:0.35mmpb & 0.5mmpb
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X-ray Medical Radiation Protection Lead Gloves YSX1521

X-ray protection lead gloves



X-Ray Protection Series-Protective Gloves

Detailed Product Description


Lead Gloves 
The protective gloves and mitten are mainly used by the operators to guard against 

the rays during their operation. 

Lead Gloves ,Protective Gloves,Nuclear Radiation Protective Gloves


The medical x-ray protective glove and mitten are processed by rubber. The lead equivalent is: 0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb. 


The protective glove and mitten are mainly used by the operators to guard against 

the rays during their operation. 

The customers can choose these protective gloves and mittens of different specifications 

according to their own needs. 



M 350mm
L 390mm


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