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Hospital Flexible Video Laryngoscope YSENT-HJ35F

LCD screen anesthesia portable flexible video laryngoscope
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Hospital Flexible Video Laryngoscope YSENT-HJ35F 

laryngoscope video


1. Unique wide Angle LCD screen 
2. Unique design of single use laryngoscope sheath 
3. Adjustable length 
4. Reduce the difficulty

5. New design Laryngoscope


New design video system, reduce blind spot.

Support video, image, storage.

3.5 inch LCD, display glottis at full aspects.

New material of handle, 99.5% sterilization rate

The unique design of blend, make it suitable to every human being.

New medical material design of disposable laryngoscope blade, eliminate the cross infection 

Viewing direction

Direct view ( 0° )

Field of view


Illumination method

LED light

Imaging method


Image display

3.5 inch color LCD

External output

NTSC composite video signal

Water-resistance rating


Power supply

DC 5 volts

Power consumption

2 watts

Continuous operating time

Approx. 500 minutes

External dimensions

178 mm x 115 mm x 110 mm


305 grams

medical video laryngoscope price

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