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5KW 100 mA Portable X Ray Machine Veterinary YSX050-A VET

5kW high frequency, Toshiba x-ray tube, 100 mA vet x-ray, portable & mobile.
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5KW 100 mA Portable X Ray Machine Veterinary YSX050-A VET

60mA Portable Veterinary X-ray Machine


1. Adopting high frequency inverting technology, with stable high voltage output to ensure quality images.

2. Compact design makes it easy and portable for usage in different locations.

3. With 3 modes of exposure control: Remote, hand switch and panel key.

4. Break self-diagnostic and self-protecting

4. Can be upgraded to digital x-ray system (YSX050-C) simply by adding a flat panel detector.



Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz

Maximum output power: 5kW

Frequency: 30kHz

kV adjustable range: 40kV~110kV, continuous regulation, stepping 1kV

mA adjustable range: 32mA~100mA

mAs adjustable range: 0.32mAs-315mAs

Exposure time adjustable range: 0.01s~6.3s

X-ray tube focus: 0.6/1.2mm

Anatomical program: 24 memory choices available

Size: 200mm*180mm*160mm

Net weight: 19KG

Accessories: Mobile stand

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