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Elisa Microplate Reader Price YSTE-M03

Applications Pesticide residue in food; Melamine Hormone, such as T3, T4 and TSH; Test Giant cell IgG antibody, Toxoplasm IgG antibody, Rubella IgM antibody; Fever blister I-IgM antibody and Fever blister II-IgM antibody
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Elisa Microplate Reader Price




Readout range

0.000~4.000 Abs


0.005 Abs/10 min

Plate type

96-well plate


3 shaking modes with variable time

Measure system

8-channel optical system


Mouse, Membrane keyboard,

Touch screen


405, 450, 492, 630 nm, two

more optional filters


7" TFT LCD, 800×480 pixels

Band width and accuracy

8 nm ± 2 nm


Built-in printer, external printer

Light source

Monochromatic LED

Working conditions

Power supply AC 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz

Reading speed

5s with single wavelength for whole plate

Temperature 10°C~35°C



Humidity 15%~85%


6 kg

Dimension (mm)

400(L) x 310(W) x 169(H)

Elisa Microplate Reader Price

● 7” LCD Touch Screen.
● Window Operation System.
● Test Results Simultaneous Displayed.
● LED Light Source Lifespan over 100,000 hours.
● 200 Test Programs and 100,000 Results.
● 3 Shaking Modes with Variable Time.
● Self-check, Malfunction Alarm.
● Cancer Marker, Typhoid Fever Test.
● HIV and Hepatitis Tests.

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