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5.6kW Portable Digital X Ray Machine YSX056-PD

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5.6kW Portable Digital X Ray Machine YSX056-PD

5.6kW Portable Digital X Ray Machine YSX056-PD


   Product Model YSX035-PD YSX040-PD YSX056-PD
Input Product description/Type                      Portable Combined High Frequency X-ray Source
Working frequency                                            80-200kHz
 Mains phase/Voltage                                                100—240VAC/48VDC
Frequency                                            50H2/60н2
Output Nominal/Max Power 3.5KW/3.5KW 4KW/4KW 5.6KW/5.6KW
KV Range                                            40-125KV
KV Rising Time                                                ≤s1ms@100KV(10%-90%)
Accuracy of KV                                                ±5%
Maх mA 40m4 80mA 100mA
Accuracy of Tube Current                                            ±(5%+1mA)@≥10ms
                                           ±20%@<10 ms 
mAs Range Non-AEC 0.1~250mAs 0.1~320mAs 0.1~320mAs
Accuracy of mAs                                            ±(5%+0.2mAs)@>5ms
Exposure Time Range                                               2ms-10000ms
Accuracy Exposure Time                                           ±(2%+0.2ms)@>5ms
MBK parameters Nominal Focal Spot Size 1.2 mm 0.6 mm/1.5 mm 0.6 mm/1.8 mm
Max Anode Heat Storage                                            20kJ
Anode Disk Target Angle 12°
Communication                                            RS232WIFI
Certificate CE/Registration Certificate                                           IS013485
Appearance Size                                           390*250*200 (mm*mm*mm)
Weight Kg                                           14.5 Kg

Features of Portable X-ray Unit with Battery 
✔ Wide range AC input with APFC integrated.
✔ Soft switching technology, switching frequency is up to 200KHz.
✔ Support 5.6kW and 320mAs exposure.
✔ Support remote monitor with wireless communication integrated.
✔ Big capacity battery pack, Achieving outdoor continuous working time of 8 hours.
✔ Power density up to 275W/L.
✔ High degree of software intelligence:filament automatic calibration, dual-filament automatic selection and complete fault diagnosis.

✔ Operator panel separated as human and veterinary according to different purpose.

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