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Battery Powered TPLO Saw

Standard configuration: One saw handpiece; One charger; Two batteries; Two aseptic battery transfer rings; One spanner; One saw blade (size can be chosen); One Aluminum case
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Battery Powered TPLO Saw

Advantages of the Battery Powered TPLO Saw
1. High-strength stainless steel to ensure the intraoperative safety.
2. Blade thickness and a variety of commonly used knee prosthesis to match with the template, forming an osteotomy can be the perfect fit prosthesis, bring you a more accurate and rapid surgical procedures.
3. Specially designed saw tooth, to ensure that a very small contact pressure to achieve accurate and neat osteotomy. Thus, greatly reduce the heat generated when cutting the lead to the risk of osteoporosis.

Output power







Sterilization temperature


Operation voltage


Unit rise in temperature


Charging time

About two hours

Net weight


Radial run - out


Battery type

NI-MH Battery

Charging input voltage

AC100-240V; 50/60Hz

Charging output power


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