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HbA1c Analyzer Manufacturers

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HbA1c Analyzer Manufacturers



Storage Condition

Analyzer: 10~60 , 15~75% R.H.

Operating Type

Full automatic (1-Step)

Testkit: 2~30 °C

Measurement Time

4.5 min.

Shelf life of Test kit

12 months

Sample Type

Capillary/Venous blood

Rated Voltage

12V DC - 3.33 A

Sample Volume

3.5 ul


1.6 kgs

Measurement Range

HbA1c 4.0~15.0 % (20~140 mmol/mol)


205(W)x200(L)x150(H) mm

eAG 68~385 mg/dL (mmol/L)

Additional Function

Full color touch screen

Operating Condition

Temperature: 17~32 °C

Internal printer

Humidity: 15~75% R.H

USB port, Ethernet

Air pressure: 860~1,060 HPA

External barcode reader available (optional)

The features of HbA1c Analyzer

CONVENIENT — one step testing, all-in-one reagent cartridge
RELIABLE — fast and accurate result CV 3% in 5 minutes
STABLE — room temperature storage test kit, reduce concern for stability due to temperature

HbA1c Analyzer Accessories

HbA1c Analyzer Certification

HbA1c Analyzer Steps to do test

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