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Yuwell 402AI Ultrasonic Nebualizer

This product is suitable for the surroundings, which need faint scent or disinfectant, or increasing humidity. Facial cleaning & beauty care, Jewelry cleaning,
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YUWELL 402AI Ultrasonic Nebualizer

More functions, more suit for homecare

Atomization therapy

402AI Ultrasonic atomizer can atomize the

solvent water into very small particles, which

can be directly drawn into the lung. t is a basic

medical device which commonly used in the

hospital surgery, pediatrics, ENT, dermatology

and hospital, nursing units and etc. It' s

effecttive especially for curing asthma, chronic

bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.


Power supply: AC22022V

Ultrasonic frequency: 1.7MHz10%

Input power: 50VA

MMD:3.9μ m

Maximum nebulizing rate:3mL /min

Timing range: 0~ 60min no level for adjustment

Continuous loading time:4h

Fill volume of medicine cup: 150mL

Fill volume of water container: 350mL


G.W.IN.W.: 4/3.5kgs

Size: 41.5x 30 x 26.5cm


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