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New Product YSOT-SC2 GYNECOLOGY Delivery Chair

It is a gynecology chair designed base on the women examination. It can be used for gynecological examining, diagnosing and small operations.
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New Product YSOT-SC2 GYNECOLOGY Delivery Chair

New Product YSOT-SC2 GYNECOLOGY Delivery Chair

Technical Data:

* Length and width for table top:1900mm x 660mm

* Min.&Max.table height:680mm — 930mm±10mm)

* Assist platform dimension:600mm x 660mm

* Filth basin dimension:420mm x 245mm x 80mm

* Back section(up/down): -10° — 60° 

* Seat section(up/down): 0° — 20°

* Assist platform swing out:90° 

* Equipment weight:163KG

* Input power:AC220V / 50HZ

* Optional color: Berry pink, Sky blue, Grass green.



* Bigger size than common examination chair, available for gynecology examination and small operation. Best choice for clinics.

* Extra adjustable hip-board, more convenient for doctor operation.

* Two extra covers against dirt, easy to clean.

* Stable body, stainless steel handle, and strong leg holders for long life use.


* Pull handle: 1pair

* Built in leg holder &Pedal: 1set

* Dirt Bin: 1pc

* Covers: 2pcs

* Cable: 1pc



It is a gynecology chair designed base on the women examination. It can be used for gynecological examining, diagnosing and small operations. Its bigger size will give patients much better experience. The adjustable hip-board is more convenient for doctor to operate, and enhance the working efficiency of the operator.

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