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Turbine Ventilator AEONMED VG70

Superior Mobile ICU ventilator, Comprehensive ICU ventilator including BIVENT and PRVC
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Turbine Ventilator AEONMED VG70

Turbine Ventilator AEONMED VG70

Superior Mobile ICU ventilator
• Comprehensive ICU ventilator including BIVENT and PRVC
• Compact, big capacity battery, no air compressor, intra-hospital mobility
• Flexible device configuration: equipped on a trolley, bed or ceiling pendant

Cost Effective Solution
• Unique metal-based, autoclavable, heated exhalation valve
• Built-in flow sensor, non-consumable design
• Upgradeable ventilation system software, with an available USB port


An Optimal Combination of Invasive and Noninvasive Ventilator
As noninvasive ventilation is used increasingly in a wide range of clinical situations, we offer a dual solution. VG70 combines the advantages of a flexible noninvasive ventilator with a full-featured invasive ventilator for the ICU.


Ventilation Settings


Ventilation Modes

• VCV (A/C), PCV (A/C), PRVC (optional), PSV (optional), STANDBY • SIMV (VCV)+PSV, SIMV (PCV)+PSV, SIMV (PRVC)+PSV
• BIVENT/APRV +PSV (optional)


• Apnea ventilation, Pressure and Flow trigger, Automatic Tube Compensation (ATC), Smart suction • Manual breath, Insp/Exphold, Screen freeze, Nebulization, Lung recruitment



Tidal volume (VT)


Respiratory rate (RR)

1 to 80 bpm

Inspiratory time (Ti)

0.2 to 9 s (adult), 0.2 to 5 s (pediatric)

Inspiratory flow (Flow)

0 to 100 L/min (pediatric), 0 to 180L/min (adult)

Inspiratory pressure(Pinsp)

5 to 70 mbar (or cmH2O)

Inspiratory pressure limit(Pmax)

80 mbar (or cmH2O)


0 to 35 mbar (or cmH2O)


0 to 2 s

O2 concentration(FiO2)

21 to 100 Vol%

Trigger sensitivity

0.5 to 20 L/min (Flow trigger),
-20 to 0 mbar (or cmH2O) (Pressure trigger)

I/E ratio

1/10 to 4/1

Apnea alarm time

10-60 seconds


• Inspiratory O2 concentration (FiO2), End-expiratory CO2 concentration (etCO2)
• Compliance (dynamic & static), Resistance (R), MVleak, RSBI, WOB, I:E, Vdaw, PEEPi • Pressure-Volume loop, Pressure-Flow loop, Flow-Volume loop


Expiratory minute volume (MV) High/Low, Airway pressure (Paw) High/Low,
VTe Low, PEEP High/Low, Insp. O2 concentration (FiO2) High/Low,
End-expiratory CO2 concentration (etCO2) High/Low, fspont High, Apnea alarm, Disconnection, Flow sensor error, Gas supply, Electrical supply & battery failure,
Exhalation obstruction, Apnea backup for low frequency alarm

Dimensions (WxDxH)

375mm x 395mm x 430mm


17kg (37.5lbs)


12.1" TFT color touch screen

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