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Portable Transport ICU Ventilator for Coronavirus YSAV-100C

Used for ambulance, ICU, operating room, emergency department, field first-aid and transport
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Portable Transport ICU Ventilator for Coronavirus YSAV-100C

Ventilator for Coronavirus


 Used for ambulance, ICU, operating room, emergency department, field first-aid and transport .


Main Features:

1. Microcomputer controlled, constant volume, pressure triggered.

2. LCD monitor, multiparameter digital display.

3. Light and handy, mainframe weights 3 kg, the overall weight is less than 7 kg ( with the oxygen cylinder and all the accessories).

4. AC, DC and build-in Li-battery ( can work for more than 8 hours) are all available.

5. Can be used for both invasive and noninvasive, both children and adults.


Technical parameters:

·         Ventilation mode: CMV, A/C, SIMV, Sigh, SPONT, etc. 

·         Tidal Volume: 50 ~ 1200ml, continuously adjustable, digital display. 

·         Respiratory Rate: 1 ~ 60bpm, continuously adjustable, digital display.

·         Oxygen Concentration: 40 ~ 100%, continuously adjustable

·         Synchronous trigger sensitivity: -10 ~ 0hpa

·         PEEP: 0, 5 ~20hpa


Monitoring and Alarm Function:

·         Multiple parameters monitoring and display functions.

·         Multiple alarm and prompt functions. 

·         Multiple security protection functions.


Service Conditions:

·         Power Supply: AC, DC, Build-in Li-battery..

·         Gas Supply: Oxygen cylinder, Central oxygen supply.


Basic configuration:

Mainframe of ventilator, carrying bag, silicone breathing circuits, oxygen cylinder, pressure reducing valve, high-pressure oxygen tube, power adapter, etc.

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