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Low Price Handheld Portable Multi Parameter Patient Monitor YSPM200

Portable Multi Parameter Guard Patient Monitor
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Medical Multi Data Patient Monitor YSPM200


This vital signs monitor is intended to be used in special procedure labs and other

areas of a hospital or clinic where patient monitoring systems are needed.



• 7''high-precision color TFT display with adjustable brightness


• Light-weighed and compact,ideal for acute and alternate care settings including long term care facilities,

home care etc


• Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery for continuous monitoring


• Multiple display modes:large font, OxyCRG,and trend graph etc


• Checking trend data by just inputting patient ID or name


• Customize all kinds of languages


• 3-level visual/audio alarms and alarm events can be stored and reviewed


• High capacity storage,power-off data protection


• Update system software freely and remotely


• Suitable for telemedicine system



Width:  300mm (11.81 inches)


Height:  129mm (5.08 inches)


Length:  180mm (7.09 inches)


Weight:  2.05kg (4.52lbs)

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