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Portable B/W Ultrasound Scanner YSB5533

Powerful standard PC platform, professional design and easy operation of the control panel which meets the increasing requirements of the clinical diagnosis.
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YSB5533 Portable B/W Ultrasound Scanner



YSB5533 adopts advanced high-precision digital beam former, a continuous dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture and dynamic apodization changes, making the image real, rich in detail. It has powerful standard PC platform, professional design and easy operation of the control panel which meets the increasing requirements of the clinical diagnosis.



Display mode: BB/B4BMB+M

Scanning Mode: Electric convex,Electric linear, Electric micro-convex,

Imaging technology: full-digital beam forming, continuous dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture, dynamic apodization, tissue harmonic imaging, digital receiving focusing, 3D reconstruction

Image processing: pre-processing, post-processing, dynamic range, frame correction, linecorrection, acoustical power adjustment, left/right conversion, up/down conversion, gamma correction

Dynamic range: Continuously adjustable, 30-200dB

Measurement and calculation:

B mode: distance, area/perimeter, volume, angle, fetal growth curve

M mode: heart rate, time, slope, gestational age, estimated date of delivery

Obstetric analysis software, obstetric measurements, a variety of report page, cardiac measurement and calculation software, urinary measurement and calculation software.

Monitor: 12.1 inch monitor VGA

Probe connector: 1,optional 2

Gray Scale: 256

TGC: 8 TGC adjustments

Power supply: dual power supply

Storage function: image storage, cine loop storage, mass storage capacity, measurement result storage, report storage

Cine -loop: max 1024 frames

Output port: AV, HDMI, VGA, USB

Matching Printer: Laser/Video/Inkjet/Thermal printer

Report: Display, storage and print report directly

Work-station: built-in ultrasonic work-station software, IPC of high stability, ,DICOM


Standard Configuration

Main unit, 3.5 MHZ multi-frequency convex probe



Multi-frequency7.5 MHZ linear probe,6.5 MHZ transvaginal probe, 3.5 MHZ micro-convex probe

Laser, video, thermal printer

Foot switch



Ultrasonic work-station

Carrying Bag

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