Medical Equipment for Somaliland New Clinic

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Update time : 2018-12-24 16:56:00

Medical Equipment for Somaliland New Clinic

Client Fati from Somaliland opening a new clinic with 50 hospital beds, she purchased all the equipment in YSENMED from the big machine X-ray system to small item bandage, we finished production as per client's request, now the equipment are heading to Somaliland and will put in service soon. The equipment including: X-ray Machine and AccessoriesUltrasound Scanner, Hospital Bed, Video Gastroscope & Colonoscope System, Hematology Analyzer, Chemistry & Coagulation Analyzer, ECG Machine, Patient Monitor, Hospital Furniture, Medical Consumables etc.

YSENMED is professional in one-stop purchasing, which will save client much of money and time.

Fati came to our office 3 times to confirm the details and order

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Video Gastroscope & Colonoscope System YSVG1660/YSVC1660

video gastroscope

video colonoscope

video colonoscope system

video gastroscope system

200mA X-ray Machine YSX200

200mA x-ray machine

Portable B/W Ultrasound Scanner YSB180

portable ultrasound machine

portable ultrasound scanner

Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer YSTE320

automatic hematology analyzer

Multitest Chemistry & Coagulation Analyzer YSTE300C

chemstiry analyzer

Shipment and Delivery

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