5KW Mobile X Ray truck For Ghana Mobile X-Ray Truck Project

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Update time : 2018-04-18 16:34:00

We Would like share will you that YSENMED YSX100GM Mobile 5kw x ray machine for Ghana Mobile X-ray Truck to take x ray image for people in the small town have been sent to Ghana in the early this year

The mobile x-ray truck machine standard with touch screen and remote control,  adopt 5kw high frequency high voltage generator and combined X-ray tube assembly. As you know, YSENMED is one of the most professional x ray machine manufacturer and supplier. We can customize a mobile x ray truck for your special requirement. So if you are in a mobile x ray truck project, please come to us, we will satisfied you with great quality and hard work.

More detail as below:

100mA mobile x ray machine / 5kW mobile x ray Unit

Mobile X Ray truck project as below:


Mobile X Ray Truck For Ghana 5kW Mobile X Ray Truck Project


mobile x ray truck  machine Ghana


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